History of Carneys Point Fire Department

The Carneys Point Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Incorporated was established as the Upper Penns Neck Fire Department on January 1, 1950.

Prior to January 1, the DuPont Company maintained a small fire protection service consisting of one fire truck, a Fire Chief and paid drivers who were scheduled to work on a 24 hour basis.

Volunteers to assist the DuPont firemen were drawn through the Quartermasters maintenance crew, who worked all day-work, plus volunteers who lived in or near the DuPont owned village in Carneys Point.

The main object of this group was to protect the DuPont owned houses of Carneys Point.

The fire truck carried a small 100 gallon water tank which bade it necessary to have a fire hydrant service or a water draft point near a potential fire. When a fire occurred outside of the hydrant protected areas, Penns Grove Liberty Fire Company No. 1 was usually summoned for help.

In the summer of 1949, the DuPont Company determined that the DuPont Fire Company would be discontinued and offered the land, fire house, fire garage, fire truck and fire fighting equipment to the township at no charge.

The volunteers of the DuPont fire group recruited new men from the Township and a training program was conducted to prepare for the new Upper Penns Neck Fire Department. Mr. Lewis W. Metz (a 30 year firemen) was selected as Chief and headed the fire-training program with the help of many of the veteran DuPont firemen.

The DuPont Company representatives and member of the Upper Penns Neck Township Committee together with volunteer firemen gathered at 12:00 midnight on January 1, 1950 when the Township officially was presented with the property and equipment of the DuPont Fire Station.

At the same time, the Township Committee approved the formation of the Upper Penns Neck Fire Department to serve under municipal control.

These members started the Upper Penns Neck Fire Department on January 1, 1950, now known as the Carneys Point Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Inc. Some were members of the volunteer corps that served with the DuPont Plant #1 Fire Squad and were stationed in the Fire House on D Street prior to January 1, 1950.

These people are listed as PRIOR TO. Other people requested membership in the Department from June, 1949 through December, 1949 and are listed as NEWLY RECRUITED. Those who have answered their FINAL ALARM are marked with a star *.