About Us

Carneys Point Fire Department and Rescue Squad (CPFR) voluntarily serves the community of Carneys Point Township in Salem County New Jersey providing Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.

Located at Exit 1 of the NJ Turnpike and Exit 4 of Interstate 295, Carneys Point is 18.1 square miles sitting on the south western border of Salem County New Jersey with a population of approximately 8000.

At the end of 2007 CPFR had responded to a total of 390 fire/rescue calls and 1310 ambulance calls for the single year from January 1 through December 31

Carneys Point Fire Department and Rescue Squad, for 58 years, has maintained readiness, equipment and training for every potential emergency.

Because we have always been a full-service fire and rescue company we have continuously trained with the entire picture in mind. Our firefighters and EMS staff have worked side by side to ensure that not only are they skilled in the areas that are their primary interests but that they cross-train to recognize and assist with every emergency we may be called upon for.

We are proud to say that we are one of only 4 Fire Departments in the county of Salem that has maintained full emergency medical services, including three fully operational ambulances within the Fire Department.

Our firefighters work side by side with our EMTs allowing us not only to be able to put the fire out or handle the rescue but to also provide the best patient care possible immediately.

Carneys Point Township has recently reconfirmed its commitment to providing full EMS care to the community by allowing us to establish a full-time paid ambulance crew, only the second community in the county to provide this service.

Our partnership with the American Medical Response (AMR) has strengthened the quality of care we are able to provide, exposed our career and volunteer EMT’s to the most current best practices and protocols and ensures our preparedness to provide the best patient care on fire, rescue and EMS calls within our township.

This allows for a fluid and seamless effort between those performing fire/rescue operations and those providing patient care.

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We hope that you will find out more about the ways in which CPFR and its dedicated volunteers serve the residents of Carneys Point. Be sure to come back often for updated news.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.