8 Top Web Development Companies in Carneys Point & New Jersey

If you are considering picking a web development company for your project in Carneys Point and New Jersey, you don’t want to go blindly.

We examine some of the main factors you want to consider before hiring a web development company, which include;

  • How reliable the company you intend on hiring are
  • How fast will the company finish your project compared to competitors, and of course
  • How much it will cost you to complete the project.

Web development companies that promote their specialization in certain services like mobile solutions have the advantage of being a preferred choice for prospective clients.

Also, those that offer related services in addition to their ability to deliver on core website functionalities are often preferred to others who don’t target certain services.

Based on these factors, our 8 top picks are;

1) Altoros Labs

Compared to other companies that we have picked, Altotos Labs may have a higher cost rate per hour but they are safe hands to be in as they have a larger resource base of employees who can do the jobs.

With their staff volume, they can are reliable for your project if you want testing or you are particular about using certain tools in completing your projects.

2) NMG

NMG boasts of years of experience as they have been in the business since 2008.

They may not have more than 100 New Jersey-based employees but they boast of a network of experts who can deliver plus their over 300 client base.

3) Net Solutions

Competes well in E-Commerce design, mobile, affordability, targets B2B, enterprises and, start-ups.

They are an example of a company that approaches its technology service from the point of view of a consultancy business.

4) S-PRO

They are a good recommendation for start-ups, the company boasts of supports and networking for their clients as a strategic technology innovation partner.

They have decent reviews and a good number of projects completed.

5) Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

They have been in the business since 2008 and they have a large number of successful brands they have worked for.

They have a good cost for a large employee base, they also boast of global portfolios that have a broad range of use cases that they complete successfully with their unique experience.

6) Hidden Brains Info Tech

Responsive and dynamic team, enterprise web and mobile solution. IT consulting is a plus by the same company. They may compete highly in their cost structure.

7) IndiaNIC

They seem to offer a great relationship with their customers where they help to promote their work.

Boasts of expertise in hardcore technologies like PHP, .NET, Java includes e-commerce apps.

I would highly recommend them for web applications that need to create custom back offices.

They also have a great portfolio to show and there seem to be more happy customers from them.

8) Unified Infotech

They may be a start-up with less than 300 employees but they have testimonies and portfolios that truly show that they are on the ground in web and mobile applications.

Their cost structure is competitive as well. Unified Info tech leverages on being excellent in using the latest technologies for their clients.

They also have a good relationship with their clients as well.


Depending on the size of your project and the expectations you have choosing between a minimum of $25 to $50 per hour for a majority of the companies and up to almost $200 per hour for minority companies would have covered the possible options for any type of web development projects you may have.

It is not straightforward to have details of the average duration of project completion in each company because of the uniqueness of every project.

However these top 8 companies were selected because of the relative success in their various areas of specialization, based on the reviews, and the portfolios we got on them.